PappaMia – Truly Asian Delights

PappaMia @ Festive Hotel RWS
PappaMia @ Festive Hotel – Lobby Level 2, Resort World Sentosa
Pappamia Chicken Rice
Pappamia Chicken Rice

All Asian Delights, Halal Restaurant

PappaMia, specialises in Asian Cuisines, which reflects the colourful diversity of flavours of Asia and an unique Asian Cuisines Halal Restaurant. It offers a wide variety of Asian delicacies and casual dining concept to suit every taste. Embark on, a culinary adventure at PappaMia, its delicious dishes are prepared with the freshest ingredients and in its original flavour and taste.  A melting pot of authentic taste of Asian and Western favourites such as Penang Fried Kway Teow, Malaysian Curry Laksa, Famous Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak, Ipoh Otak Otak, Grilled Chicken, Fish & Chips, Pasta, Asia Snacks & Ipoh Kaya Butter Toast, Chendol and more.

PappaMia also features a wide selection of beverages, such as freshly brewed coffee, white coffee, fruit juices, floats and mango delights are refreshing coolers. PappaMia, has created various outlet’s theme concept for our guests dining pleasures, designed with a modern and cosy ambience. Our outlets are established in the airport and business district city areas, it offers convenience to our patrons, where you can enjoy a sumptuous lunch, tea or dinner with your family and friends, meeting business associates and celebrations.  Enjoy dining experience with authentic Asian Delights and a perfect place for locals and tourists.


PappaMia帕帕咪娅餐厅 亚洲美食(Halal, 真)

帕帕咪娅餐厅,以壇长烹调亚洲菜系,菜单反映了亚洲丰富多彩的美味佳肴。由我们经验丰富的厨师团队特别准备烹调多样的清真菜色美味佳肴。您可以品尝到美食以高质量和采用新鲜的食材并保留其原有的风味美食。 佳肴有亚洲风味和西方美食如著名的鸡饭,炒粿条,马来西亚咖喱叻沙,椰浆饭,烤鸡,炸鱼薯条,意大利面,亚洲小吃,怡保卡亚吐司,新鲜出炉的帕帕咖啡面包,帕帕酥脆与馨丰蛋糕。



在帕帕咪娅餐厅,我们体现这些价值观。我们庆祝这些传统经典的价值:美味佳肴,友好的微笑,最重要的是堤供正宗美食佳肴和实惠的价格。 帕帕咪娅餐厅,始终将选择餐厅位于公共场所,如商场,机场贵宾室和商务中心。

帕帕咪娅餐厅,独特的亚洲美食(清真)餐厅,并已增加更多的餐厅在新加坡,马来西亚和持续在各地区发展。帕帕咪娅餐厅是美驰集团旗下的餐饮品牌  ,该集团已建立和发展各类品牌餐饮店和轻型运动飞机。我们致力为我们的客户堤供高标准的产品和服务和持续发展现代化产品及管理,这一直是我们的实力,这也使我们在食品和餐饮行业的首选合作伙伴。体验传统亚洲美德和分享我们的承诺,卓越和热情。

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